• Flytrap NewsIn this section we plan to create a buzz about what is new and sticking with us. Whats news in our design world. Please keep checking here for our buzzness.
  • Flytrap Design Cookies InformationFlytrap Design is a design company based in Manchester. On our Flytrap Design website, Cookie information are used to improve the operation and usability of our online services by measuring how many people are using the website. This allows us to monitor and evaluate the quality of our online content.
  • Flytrap is available for Freelance HireIf you are a Design company, we believe in working together to create better designs. If you have too much work and can farm out individual projects then we are more than happy to pick up the work.
  • Contact Us at Flytrap DesignThere is no project too big or too small for us to get our photosynthesised teeth into, so please just ask.
  • Flytrap Design Website Site MapSearch for what you want to find here.
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